An exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of Keating’s Reconciliation Speech.

“It begins, I think, with that act of recognition.
Recognition that it was we who did the dispossessing.
We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life.
We brought the diseases. The alcohol.
We committed the murders.
We took the children from their mothers.
We practised discrimination and exclusion.
It was our ignorance and our prejudice.
And our failure to imagine these things being done to us.
With some noble exceptions, we failed to make the most basic human response and enter into their hearts and minds.
We failed to ask – how would I feel if this were done to me?
As a consequence, we failed to see that what we were doing degraded all of us.”

Featuring GAIL MABO reciting the speech live 
Saturday December 8 2012 
4-6pm at the Damien Minton Gallery, Redfern.

To coincide with this event, the Damien Minton Gallery has gathered together a collection of new work from Papunya Tjupi Arts Centre by these Central Desert, NT artists:

Doris Bush Nungarrayi
Beyula Napanangka
Isobel Gorey
Tilau Nangala

Papunya Tjupi Arts Centre

In 1972 the male elders of the various language groups then resident at Papunya instigated the now renowned Papunya Tula Artists to sell and market their paintings on their behalf. In the early 1990’s Papunya Tula moved it’s operation to Kintore and Kwiirrkurra, west of Papunya. Warumpi Arts was established in Alice Springs by the Papunya Community Council in 1994. The closure of Warumpi Arts in 2004 by the Council left the majority of Papunya artists with no representation and at the mercy of private dealers.

In October 2005 the Papunya artists approached the highly regards and respected Professor Vivien Johnson to help them establish, for the first time, a ‘community-based art centre’ in Papunya. The project’s future was initially uncertain, but through the commitment of the artists and community it has evolved into a ‘fully fledged’ art centre.

The reputation of Papunya Tjupi, located 240km north west of Alice Springs, is steadily growing and its artists and achieving financial security through sales with the assistance of external funding.

Support for the new art centre was also received from the Papunya Community Council, government agencies and regional representative bodies. Desart (Association of Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Centres).