Responding to the space and light in the works of this exhibition I am transported to the parched country around Bathurst with the heat haze diffusing light, colour & thought. In ‘tree near Bathurst’, time slows down; I can smell the dry grass and hear crows calling in the distance.

I am always intrigued as to what it is that makes a painting trigger a response, is it nuance in the marks? Is it a subliminal response to the semiotics of certain colours and shapes? At the same time I know this is not what Neridah is setting out to do.

Neridah Stockley is first and foremost a painter, the works are about the physicality of paint, painting and learning to see. Her approach is to physically engage the subject to place herself in the landscape and work plein air to resolve the problems of light, colour and form with paint.

Neridah would have been outside in a paddock or on top of a hill to paint such works as ‘from Hawkins Hill no.3’, a moment captured with free flowing marks the paint diffusing into the paper evoking the atmosphere of that event in time, I can sense the change coming and smell that rain.
Paintings made in the studio are a further distillation of the plein air work.

A fence junction in ‘Bathurst Hill Slope’ with the trickery of an experienced hand, a gentle shift in colour and tone, becomes three converging planes. We are drawn into the space the painting creates. The painting becomes an object and the process a pathway to an abstraction to fundamental elements while leaving just enough to remain representational.

It has been an important part of Stockley’s practice to explore this difference of works produced in the studio and those made outside, they inform each other and what started out to be a tense relationship, a push and pull of different sensibilities has become more fluid in this body of work as the works made outside have also become a play on negative space and the studio works have the same light and expressive marks as work made outside.

Drawing is an integral part of the process, Neridah often stresses that she is interested in the relationship between drawing, painting and now collage. Collage is a new way of working for Neridah, an extension to her process, “Collage is a way of constructing and deconstructing space, shape and colour” NS

While at Hill End, Stockley walked the streets looking for new shapes and forms to respond to. The town of Hill End itself a pastiche visually, easily lends itself to the construction of collage. The reductive process seen in the collages ‘St Pauls’ and ‘Awning’ can also be seen the works in oil such as ‘Blue Roof’ or ‘Post Office’.
For me atmosphere is not lost in this process either ‘Butchers Block’ can conjure up the smell of an old butchers shop.

The plywood collage is another mechanism for investigating possibilities, a type of 3D drawing. Reduction to forms that become construction and feed back into painting. Drawing underpins the whole process.

Working with Neridah for almost a decade now, I am aware of her disciplined approach and have watched her work continuously develop. Neridah’s paintings are eloquently understated and not weighed down by the process of their making – it is an uncompromising process that gives the work great integrity.

Neridah’s approach is not a new one, it is a well established western tradition of paint and she pays homage to peers in her chosen genre. Neridah has committed herself to this tradition and never waivered in her focus or pandered to fashion.

Works of art operate when artists invest themselves in the work no matter the genre. It is this commitment that gives the work an edge that transcends fashion
The title of this essay would suggest the Neridah sets out to evoke an emotional response – nothing could be further from the truth, that is what we bring to the relationship.

But to deny that the work achieves an intuitive response would also denounce the integrity of the rigorous process

And it is through this rigorous process that magic is created

Dallas Gold 2014
Director, Raft Artspace, Alice Springs


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Major National Art School, East Sydney (1994 – 1996 Completed in 2000)

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Pmere Amtamtereme- Watching this Place, Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs
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2010Paper Cuts- Araluen Cultural Precinct, Alice Springs
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Eyes on the Centre Araluen Cultural Precinct Alice Springs
2008Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Contemporary Art Award – Awarded as the Northern Territory artist
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