Amala Groom + Blak Douglas (aka- Adam Hill)

Exhibition dates: Tue 8 to Sat 12 July 2014
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Launched by Gurang Gurang lawyer Cheryl Orr,
Indigenous Legal Professional of the Year 2014

Amala Groom and Blak Douglas have collaborated to produce Lawful & Permissible, a creative response to the proposed draft Freedom of Speech (repeal of a s. 18c) Bill 2014.

Wiradjuri artist, Amala Groom offers a response to historical and contemporary views on unlawful practices that surround race politics. Her pieces are the result of months of research in the area and are realized with humour in a variety of media that tips its hat to pop, modernism and contemporary notions of ‘Australiana’.

The Blak Douglas (aka- Adam Hill) whose Aboriginal origins stem from Dhungatti Country has produced a body of mixed media pieces for the show. In response to the generic adoration of black babies by white adults, and the fact that his Grandmother (#228 A.P.B Cootumundra) lived a short life due to being overworked as a domestic. The result is both captivating and macabre.

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The original artworks are available to purchase.