A Group Exhibition

Exhibition dates: Tue 15 to Sun 27 April 2014
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Leanne Harrison Davies
Lana Howe
Tracey Schramm
Catherine Solomon
Lisa Stuart
Janelle Thomas

The Garden is an enduring inspiration for the artist, a wealth of fascination.  The six artists observations of the garden in this exhibition draw from a wide range of influences and traditions from the Baroque, Romanticism to Symbolism.

Collectively they feel the garden is;
‘… a sanctuary and a place of safety. The Garden is a private abundance, a tamed wild. It is a cultivated freedom, the roughness of nature pruned and guarded. Its duality reflecting our own conflicted humanity. Yet this cultivated place is also for dreaming, imagining, nurturing and creation.
The garden is an expression of subtle magic, blooming, pollinating, fruiting, and germinating.  It is both divine and demonic, a temptation driven by fleshy hunger, thirst, desire, power and beauty.’